Tasks of the New Stage


tasksofnewstageThe following document, Tasks of the New Stage, was published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in English in 1973. It is the report of the PFLP program developed by the Third National Congress in March 1972. It was translated at that time by the PFLP Foreign Relations Committee and widely circulated in English and other languages.

This political and organizational document is of key historical and current relevance. On the 12th anniversary of the assassination of PFLP General Secretary Abu Ali Mustafa, we are pleased to make this resource available electronically.

Table of Contents

Published by the Foreign Relations Committee PFLP Beirut 1973

This is a translation of the PFLP’s Political Report of its Third National Congress held in March 1972. The original program was published in Arabic in 1972, under the title “Muhimmat al-Marhalah al-Jadidah”. No other translation is considered official.

I. Introduction

II. A view of the experience in the previous stage

III. The Objective Conditions

IV. The Subjective Conditions of the Resistance

V. The Left-wing of the Resistance Movement

VI. The battle of September 1970-July 1971

VII. The post-September Stage

VIII. The New Political Battles facing the Resistance in the New Reality

IX. The Tasks of the New Stage (Headlines of the Programme for the Present Stage)

X. The Building of the Revolutionary Party

XI. The New National Front

XII. The Mobilization of the Masses

XIII. Revolutionary Violence

XIV. Arab Revolutionary Action

XV. The Alliances of the New Stage on the Arab and International Level

XVI. Resistance Inside Occupied Palestine

XVII. The Battle of the Resistance Against the Reactionary Regime in Jordan

XVIII. The Battle of the Resistance Against the Liquidatory Plan

XIX. Who Represents the Palestinian People and their National Rights

XX. The Future of the West Bank and its Relationship with the East Bank of Jordan

XXI. The Resistance Outside Palestine and Jordan

XXII. Conclusion