Jan 182008
Statement/Analysis: On the Sixth Anniversary of the Abduction of the General Secretary

January 15, 2008 marks the sixth anniversary of the kidnapping and seizure of General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat by Palestinian Authority security forces, since which time he has remained in constant detention and imprisonment – first by PA security, then under US and British guard in Jericho, and today, alongside 11,000 other Palestinian political prisoners, inside […]

Dec 292007
Campaign to end "terrorist" designations

In the European Union, Canada and the United States, numerous organizations – including many national liberation movements and organizations – are listed as “designated terrorist organizations.” This status is used in an attempt to criminalize popular resistance and national liberation movements, equate those movements with “terrorism,” frighten and silence communities’ support of their national movements, […]

Dec 112007
Editorial: On the launch of the English website

We are launching this English website today, on our historic anniversary, for a number of reasons. We stand today amidst an ongoing assault on our people, marked by occupation, exile, imprisonment, siege, assassination, destruction and invasion, an assault that has continued for sixty years. Amid those conditions of oppression, of displacement, of occupation, and against […]