Jan 222020

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine affirmed that the participation of dozens of presidents, kings, princes and international figures in the Fifth International Holocaust Forum organized by the Zionist state on Thursday, January 23, 2020 in occupied Jerusalem, confirms the hypocrisy of the capitalist system and its alignment with the crimes of the occupier against the Palestinian people. These participants themselves reflect the camp of the reactionary, Zionist, colonialist enemy.

The Front considers that this forum and other ongoing attempts of the Zionist state to exploit the issue of the Nazi genocide, the Holocaust, aims to cover up the imperialist and Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people that have been committed continually since 1917.

The Front added that the official international participation in a forum organized by a settler-colonial entity on occupied land actively committing war crimes against another people confirms the involvement and complicity of this officialdom and the camp it represents in the theft of land and rights through the establishment of the occupying Zionist entity on the land of Palestine, the largest colony in the heart of the Arab world.

The Front asks: Why are the Arabs and the Palestinian people to pay the price for Western crimes committed by European racist forces?

The Front called for exposing the Zionist lies that seek to exploit the victims of Nazism and cleanse the hands of racist, right-wing forces with the blood of the Palestinian people. The establishment of the Zionist entity was in reality a crime against Arabs and Jews alike.

The Front also urged Jewish and progressive forces in the world that reject the occupation to confront the occupier’s blatant attempt to exploit the victims of Nazism.

The Front concluded by emphasizing that the only historic solution is to dismantle the Zionist entity constructed on occupied, colonized Arab land and instead build a society of justice and equality in Palestine.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 21, 2020

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