Jan 222020

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine received the following statement of solidarity from Saoradh, the revolutionary Irish socialist organization, on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the imprisonment of our General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, by the Palestinian Authority and now by the Israeli occupation. The statement also comes as international activists are organizing events around the world, including in France, Ireland, Canada, the U.S., Greece, Sweden, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, for two weeks of action to free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners.

The Front also salutes Saoradh and the ongoing revolutionary Irish people’s struggle against colonialism and for unity and liberation. The Palestinian people and Irish people have always stood together in struggle.

Saoradh’s International Department send our full solidarity and support to the PFLP’s General Secretary Ahmed Sa’adat on the anniversary of his imprisonment.
Sa’adat was elected Secretary-General of the PFLP by its Central Committee in October 2001, to succeed Abu Ali Mustafa, after Mustafa was assassinated by Israelis at his office in Ramallah, the West Bank.
The head of Saoradh’s International Department Stephen Murney said “In January 2002 Sa’adat was arrested and imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority. During this time he was held under US and British guard. He was held until 2006 without charge or trial (a practice Irish republicans can directly relate to), when Zionist forces placed the prison under a violent siege in order to kidnap Sa’adat and several others.
“Ahmed Sa’adat, eventually faced a trial and Israel convicted him of membership of the PFLP of having a position in a prohibited organisation, and of incitement. Two years later in 2008 Ahmed Sa’adat was sentenced to 30 years by the Zionist regime.
“We salute the resilient Palestinian people in their struggle for true freedom. Your struggle is our struggle and our struggle is yours. It’s at times like this that international solidarity is vital.
” Saoradh recognise the plight of the Palestinian struggle and on this anniversary we express solidarity to Ahmed Sa’adat and the oppressed Palestinian people.”
“Our chains will be broken before we are”


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