Jan 192020

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine affirmed that Zionist forces failed to break the will of the strugglers, especially its comrades who have been subjected for several months to various forms of physical and psychological torture.

The Front considered that the images revealed by the media to depict the effects of torture on imprisoned struggler Walid Hanatsheh once again confirm that the criminal policy of torture against Palestinian strugglers is an expression of the bankruptcy of the enemy and an affirmation of its criminal nature.

The Front emphasized that the systematic crimes of torture carried out against its comrades will not go unpunished and will become a costly policy for the Zionist entity. The enemy must learn these lessons, because the Front is always more determined and strong-willed whenever it is targeted for prosecutions, arrests and continuous repression.

The Front has experienced and confronted the policy of torture for over 50 years and developed a revolutionary school that graduated generations of revolutionaries, who carried and still carry forward the banner in the dungeons and interrogation cells, who cannot be shaken by crimes or policies of torture.

The Front emphasized that the international community and concerned institutions have neglected the crimes taking place in the dungeons of the prisons of the Zionist occupier against the prisoners, indicating once again the complicity of imperialism in these crimes.

Further, the Front emphasized the necessity of confronting the systematic Zionist policy of torture under interrogation in order to expose the reality of this racist entity and unmask its true face. The coming days and weeks will be a period of escalation through to open confrontation with the occupier as well as through popular activities of struggle in Palestine and around the world.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 18, 2020

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