Apr 192018

Palestinian Prisoners’ Day this year coincides with the uprising of the Great Return Marches. On this day, we honor the blood of the martyrs of the prisoners’ movement and the pangs of the empty stomach, which have formed the legends of challenge and resistance to the oppressor and the executioner, through many achievements gained through the battle of wills. We salute and praise the martyrs of the prisoners’ movement and renew our commitment to them to continue their path of struggle and sacrifice. We extend our greetings to all of the prisoners in Israeli jails, in particular to the national leader and symbol, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, and the leaders Marwan Barghouthi, Hassan Salameh, Bassam al-Saadi, Wajdi Joudeh, Bassem al-Khandakji, Walid Daqqa, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh and a long list of prisoners.

We make a particular salute to the Palestinian women prisoners, who are engaged in an advanced struggle and are examples of dedication, determination and will, in the forefront of which is the dedicated fighter Khalida Jarrar, a true representative of our struggle. We also particularly salute the prisoners of Jerusalem, of occupied Palestine ’48 and the long-time, veteran prisoners, who have formed revolutionary schools from which thousands of heroic fighters have emerged. To all of the prisoners, we renew our commitment to continue on the path of resistance and steadfastness to gain our people’s legitimate rights to return, self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestine on the entire land of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, we consider ourselves in the prisoners’ movement to be an integral part of the uprising of Return. We fight and march with you with our hearts, minds and steadfastness within the prisons. On this day, we emphasize the following points:

1. The cause of the prisoners is a national cause and a fundamental matter of freedom and on this day we raise our voice high that we are not terrorists and monsters as the enemy and oppressor wishes to portray us, but the sons and daughters of a just cause, strugglers for freedom from the oppression and dispossession suffered by our people.

2. We salute this day as a symbol of the prisoners’ struggle and demand that the issue of the prisoners’ freedom must be at the top of our national priorities on both official and popular levels. In this context, we express our support for the administrative detainees in their boycott campaign and in their ongoing struggle to abolish the policy of administrative detention.

3. We demand that official and non-official institutions provide support to the prisoners’ cause without discrimination and call upon them to take the necessary measures to care for their families and children, including enacting legislation to protect their rights and guarantee a decent living for them after liberation.

4. We call for documenting all of the crimes committed by the prison administration and intelligence services against the prisoners’ movement, including the policy of administrative detention, isolation, medical neglect, the detention of minor children, and the ongoing acts against the prisoners’ movement and the prisoners’ rights.

5. We call for the formlation of a continuous program of action to support the prisoners’ cause in all platforms and public squares.

In conclusion, we in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the prisons of the occupation affirm our pride in you, the Palestinian people, with every pulse of our hearts and with all of the blood in our arteries. We renew our commitment to liberation on Prisoners’ Day and our loyalty to the martyrs and the prisoners’ movement, to keep the flame of steadfastness and resistance burning until we achieve our people’s liberation and return to their land, after breaking all chains and celebrating the destruction of the prison walls.

At this pivotal time in the history of the Palestinian and Arab peoples, we are inspired by the rich experience of or people and their triumphs, struggles and sacrifices. We cry out from the prisons, yes to the hunger for freedom, no to the pain of submission, no compromise on our rights and constants and no to the plots against the Palestinian people, particularly the “Deal of the Century.”

Long live the Palestinian people and the prisoners’ movement! Glory to the martyrs and freedom to the prisoners! Victory is certain.

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