Apr 192018

The Popular Front will not participate in the Palestinian National Council session scheduled without collective consent for April 30 in Ramallah. Following talks between delegations from Fateh and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that ended on April 18, the Front emphasized that it cannot accept a PNC convened under occupation and in violation of the Palestinian national agreements for rebuilding the Palestinian institutions of the PLO on the basis of a national resistance program.

Convening such a session in Ramallah only further deepens Palestinian division, monopolistic politics and exclusion. Therefore, the PFLP delegation called for the postponement of the April 30 session and instead, continuing the work to hold a true national unity council outside Palestine in line with the agreements reached between all Palestinian forces in Beirut and elsewhere.

The Front also emphasized the need to rebuild the PLO on the basis of inclusiveness, democracy and commitment to resistance and reject its further dismantlement. Therefore, the Front delegation emphasized that only a national unity council can serve this purpose. Given that the April 30 session does the opposite, the PFLP will not participate in this session, emphasizing instead its commitment to rebuilding Palestinian national institutions on the basis of resistance and popular representation in order to confront attempts to liquidate the Palestinian national cause, including the Trump “deal of the century.”

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are also not participating and were not invited to participate in this PNC session, in violation of existing agreements between Palestinian political forces; the Central Committee of the Front had previously announced its rejection of a PNC under occupation in Ramallah and exclusive of major Palestinian resistance forces.

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