Mar 302018

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine held a demonstration on Thursday, March 22 at the Manara roundabout in Ramallah in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as they struggle to confront the policy of administrative detention.

Participants raised signs and banners condemning the policy of administrative detention, imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or tria, and saluting the steadfastness of the prisoners in Zionist jails. The Front emphasized the need to shoulder its responsibilities to develop a program of ongoing struggle to support the prisoners in the occupation jails and to confront administrative detention, one of the most consistent and damaging repressive tools used by the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people. It is a mechanism by which the occupation attempts to isolate the strugglers without trial and practice various types of oppression and torture against them.

The Front also saluted the imprisoned comrade Khalida Jarrar and all of the women prisoners in Israeli jails, especially the child Ahed Tamimi. The occupation’s sentencing of Ahed to eight months in prison is a crime that violates international conventions and laws, and her strength and that of her fellow imprisoned Palestinian children proves that the will, steadfastness and courage of Palestinian children is stronger than the weight of the occupation and its advanced weaponry.

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