Nov 202017

Comrade Mahmoud al-Ras, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the U.S. plan for the Arab-Zionist struggle that Trump is seeking to impose as reported by the media is tantamount to a declaration of war on Palestinian fundamental national rights and an attempt to legitimize the disgraceful, colonial Balfour Declaration.

It attempts to bolster the “security” and sustainability of the occupation by erasing international law and UN resolution and imposing surrender on the Palestinian people while freeing the colonial settlers to continue their crimes against the Palestinian people with impunity, especially in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, while continuing the construction of thousands of settlement units throughout the West Bank.

Al-Ras said in a press statement that the U.S. solution is attempting to forcibly install the Zionist entity in the region through full cultural, economic and political normalization in an attempt to break the rope of boycott from the neck of the occupier. He said that any discussion of “generous” American aid is an open attempt to move the conflict to the internal front by deepening contradictions and supporting instruments and agents that seek to perpetuate and deepen internal contradictions.

Al-Ras emphasized that this declaration of the U.S. vision is a continuation of the ongoing decisions, measures and policies aimed at imposing surrender on the peoples of the region in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. It is an attempt to strengthen its dominance over the region by creating and developing sectarian strife at the expense of the national cause as promoted by Saudi Arabia and the Zionist state.

He further said that this dangerous American plan requires serious confrontation and responsible national unity on the basis of a firm strategy to rid the Palestinian people of the burden of Oslo and its security, economic and political agreements and end the reliance on the U.S. administration and its complete alliance with the Zionist entity.

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