Oct 182017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called upon the Palestinian people and all of their forces to confront the daily ferocious campaign by the occupation and its intelligence services against Dheisheh refugee camp, in the Bethlehem district.

The Front emphasized the seriousness of the threats to Dheisheh camp and the Zionist crimes against the youth of the camp, especially in light of an ongoing and deliberate media silence and the absence or complicity of the Palestinian Authority and its security forces.

The criminal and cowardly murderer who takes the name “Captain Nidal” is leading a frenzied campaign against Dheisheh camp, and is constantly threatening to make the youth of the camp walk on crutches. This is translated on the ground through daily invasions that have led to the martyrdom of many youth and dozens of bloody, serious injuries. The criminal “Nidal” is personally responsible for this policy, and behind him, the entire structure of the Zionist intelligence.

The occupation is intensifying its operations against the camp with ongoing arrests of young people. This comes in the context of its plans to target the core of our people’s resistance in the refugee camps in the West Bank and Jerusalem, led by the youth of Dheisheh camp.

The Front urged the Palestinian national and Islamic forces and all sectors of our people, including the Palestinian media, to act to defend the Dheisheh camp by confronting the army and intelligence of the occupier and its ongoing crimes against the camp and its youth through the figure of the criminal “Captain Nidal.” These attacks included the killing of the comrade martyr Raed Salhi and his detention while dying, and the injury of dozens of young men with live fire aimed at causing disability in the legs.

The Front emphasized the need for the Palestinian Authority to assume its responsibilities in documenting the crimes against the camp and the ongoing attacks and injuries, and called upon the international community to condemn the occupation and bring its leaders before international courts for their crimes against our Palestinian people in general and the camp in particular.

The Front also emphasized its confidence in the ability of the resistance to handle the account of this fascist Zionist officer at a time to come, and it is also confident in the ability of Dheisheh camp to resist this targeting and all of the conspiracies aimed at it, as the camp remains a towering castle of the strength of the Palestinian people.

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