Sep 172017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the statements of the former PA minister of prisoners, Ashraf al-Ajrami, saying that his remarks are not surprising coming from an individual who represents the path of compromise and submission to occupation and incitement against the resistance. He is an example of the model produced by Oslo and the school of Keith Dayton, one of the promoters of the Geneva Initiative that attempted to compromise Palestinian rights, particularly the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

These statements and al-Ajrami’s participation in normalization meetings in order to attack the resistance to satisfy the Zionist occupier would not be possible without the patronage and encouragement of the leadership of the PA. The Front emphasized that it will pursue this issue in the Palestinian institutions because of the seriousness of the attack on our national project and the persistence of the followers of the path of normalization and security coordination in these unacceptable attacks on our people.

Al-Ajrami and other participants in normalization activities know well that inciting against the prisoners and describing them as terrorists is an attempt to beautify the face of the occupation and justify and encourage its continued terror against the Palestinian people and crimes against the prisoners. He must be held accountable for his statements and for justifying the crimes committed by the occupation forces against the Palestinian people and Palestinian families.

The Front emphasized the need for the Palestinian masses to take the lead in confronting these figures who seek to represent Palestinian officialdom in attacking the Palestinian people.

The Front also emphasized that the prisoners, their just cause, their need for support, resources and the elements of a decent life for their families is a red line and not a gift from anyone, and that the Palestinian people will not allow such individuals to incite against the prisoners and their families. The people are with those who struggle for their rights, and the rights of the strugglers, the martyrs and the prisoners.

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