Sep 142017

The Political Bureau of the Jordanian Popular Unity Party (Wihda Party) denounced the decision of the governor of Amman to prohibit the anniversary gathering to commemorate the assassination of Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa as an illegal action that violates the law on political parties and public meetings.

In a statement to Al-Hadaf, the Wihda Party said that the governor of the Jordanian capital, Saad al-Shehab, had issued an order banning the event marking the 16th anniversary of the assassination of the leader Abu Ali Mustafa, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, by Zionist occupation forces in Ramallah. A meeting was held between the governor and Said Diab, the general secretary of the Wihda party, in the presence of senior Jordanian security officers.

The Political Bureau said that this decision comes as part of a systematic campaign to criminalize the resistance and demonize its role and the martyrs of the Arab nation who sacrificed their lives for Palestine. The party also stated that it will take the necessary judicial and legal measures as soon as possible to challenge the decision. It also noted the existence of a campaign on social media targeting the martyr Abu Ali Mustafa with insults and incitement against him, attempting to undermine the dignity of the martyrs and their place in the hearts of Jordanians. What is worse, said the statement, is the official accordance of the government with this campaign through its prohibition against the event and allegations against the martyr leader Abu Ali Mustafa.

The party also declared that it will continue to hold its events commemorating the martyrdom of Abu Ali Mustafa and all of the martyrs of the Arab national movement. This is a national occasion that stands with the road of resistance, commemorating the martyrs of Palestine, Jordan and the Arab world, including Ahmad al-Majali, Charbel Halasa, Ahmad Yassin, Fathi Shikaki and hundreds of martyrs and fighters. The party further noted that there is no confusion about these events and that a number of political figures have participated in them over the years.

This is a fabricated, systematic campaign prepared not solely to target Abu Ali Mustafa as a person but to undermine the path of resistance as a whole, attempting to erase the memory of resistance from the Jordanian people, who stood in the front lines confronting the Zionist enemy and exposing its threat to Jordan, Palestine and the Arab nation, noted the party.

Furthermore, the government has previously banned anti-normalization activities and any actions near the Zionist embassy, a clear proof that we are facing a systematic policy that fits into a Zionist/U.S. vision, noted the statement. This step also comes together with the intention of the government to take economic measures that target the pockets of the citizens, noted the party, stating that it could be a step to preoccupy public opinion by raising side issues to avoid scrutiny of serious economic issues.

The party stated that it plans to develop an ongoing program of events and activities to support the resistance and honor the martyrs, as well as holding a national forum on September 10 in defense of public freedoms, freedom of expression and national unity.

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