Sep 142017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine expresses its solidarity with colleagues and friends in progressive and left French parties and unions, standing with the working class and youth workers in their just demands and protests against the amendments that President Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce into the Labor Law.

The Front considers that these legal changes related to the labor law aimed at the working class and young workers are fully consistent with the savage principles of neoliberalism and imperialism, reflecting the agenda and program of the robbery and confiscation of the rights of the people to benefit corporate CEOs, major corporations and international financial institutions, the same sector that shaped French President Macron.

The Front called on all French parties, unions and leftist forces to unite to confront this state attack on the rights and demands of the working classes and popular masses, emphasizing the unity of these forces, first and foremost, as part of a cohesion of global progressive forces that can come together to confront imperialism and the brutal programs of capitalist globalization and instead stand together to demand social justice, dignity and the equitable distribution of wealth in the interests of the workers and popular classes.

Finally, the Front calls on all to confront the growing fascist and racist currents in France and Europe, which stand allied with the Zionist project in its attacks on our people.

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