Sep 142017

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine participated in the 41st annual celebration organized by Avanti, the newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party, at the invitation of comrades in the party. Comrades of the Front were among 58 leftist parties around the world and 500,000 participants who participated in the three-day festival.

The PFLP had an area at the festival where a number of media and political events were organized, focusing on the struggles of Palestinian women and highlighting the issues of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Thousands of Portuguese participants visited the Front’s area at the festival.

The PFLP also participated in a seminar on Zionist and imperialist aggression targeting the Palestinian cause and besieging the resistance in an attempt to crush the people of the region, especially in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

The Front also held meetings with parties from Cuba, Venezuela, Morocco, Brazil, Galicia, Spain, Ukraine, Colombia, Ireland and Sudan, in which they discussed the importance of strengthening relations and building a strong international front to combat imperialism.

The Portuguese Communist Party thanked the PFLP for its continued participation in the festival, emphasizing their full support of the Front’s vision and popular solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation and return.

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