Aug 202017

Palestinian youth in Ein el-Helweh camp in Lebanon organized an art exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Palestinian artist Naji al-Ali at the western entrance to the camp on August 17, 2017. The revolutionary youth organizers invited Comrade Leila Khaled, icon of resistance and member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to open the exhibition.

The youth organizers whitewashed the walls surrounding the area and painted images of Naji al-Ali and his most famous character, Handala, the Palestinian refugee boy who always keeps his eyes trained toward Palestine even as he confronts betrayal and reaction on all sides.

أحفاد حنظلة: ناجي العلي يمر من أزقة الفوتوغرافي

أحفاد حنظلة: ناجي العلي يمر من أزقة الفوتوغرافي في الذكرى ثلاثين لاستشهاد ناجي العلي، اقامت مجموعة #احفاد_حنظلة أولى نشاطاتها، وهو معرض #ازقة_الفوتوغرافي في #مخيم_عين_الحلوة.#ناجي_العلي#أناهونتصوير واعداد:Sir-wafiq Abdulghaniمخيم عين الحلوةاصدقاء مخيم عين الحلوةأخبار صيدا والجوار Saida Cityحق العودة

Опубліковано ‎أنا هون‎ 18 серпня 2017 р.

The event was widely attended by a large number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, local media and Lebanese and Palestinian political organizations in the area. The youth organizers planned and hosted the event under the name “Grandchildren of Handala,” continuing the Palestinian struggle for return and liberation.


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