Aug 072017

The victory of our people in Jerusalem over the Zionist attacks is a historic moral victory

To our struggling people, our people in the holy city of Jerusalem

Your steadfastness, patience, determination and commitment to move forward towards achieving victory over the Zionist actions against the city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque served as an effective deterrent to the arrogance of the occupation which has returned to its desolate den, dragging its disappointment with its futile acts. The hearts of the young people, women, children and elders who came out to defend the city and Al-Aqsa beat as one with the masses of our people in town squares and sites of confrontation throughout Palestine. This national alliance of popular cohesion shows that the Palestinian people are full of enormous possibilities despite all efforts by defeated forces to attempt to hold them down, control them and redirect them toward useless battles that only serve the occupation.

You have proven in this battle with your blood, sacrifice and steadfastness on the ground and in defense of the holy sites that you are the true rulers of the land and that you are defenders of the most just cause. The removal of these gates before the entrances to Al-Aqsa Mosque is a moral and historic victory branded with your name and remains a witness to your bravery and challenge to the arrogance of the occupation in this valiant battle. You did not engage in narrow partisanship that undermines morale and devalues your sacrifice, but instead stood together with steadfastness and dedication to defend Palestinian identity and resistance.

To the masses of the Palestinian people in homeland and diaspora…

We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, upon this important occasion in the history of our people, the victory of our people in the city of Jerusalem over the attacks of the occupation, we emphasize the following:

On behalf of the prisoners’ movement, we salute the masses of our people in Jerusalem on their victory in the battle of Jerusalem and its holy sites. This victory sends a clear message that our people are the first and last lines of resistance despite the attempts of some to minimize the achievement and steal the victory for their own calculations and agendas, or a new program that attempts to sink our people in a circle of despair and frustration. Thus, this victory constitutes a test of the strength and will of the people and will remain forever loyal to the priciples, proving their ability to confront the obstacles imposed by the occupation in order to confront its malignant attempts to hide its weakness behind its American-backed arsenal and Arab reaction.

There is an urgent need to form a broad national front that includes all parties, movements, institutions and national figures to serve as a guardian of our cause and our work to revive the national liberation project and restore the dignity of the struggle of oue people and courageous resistance. What is needed is to form a revolutionary national situation that transcends petty partisan contradictions and the negative role of “leaders” wedded to the approach of compromise and submission – a national situation that rises to meet the level of sacrifice and struggle of the Palestinian people and protects their rights by engaging and investing its capabilities to confront the occupation.

There is also a need to restore the role of resistance and intifada, which requires the formulation of a struggling national program to put things back on track.

There is a need to work to strengthen the steadfastness of our people, especially in the city of Jerusalem, and save them from the hell of Oslo and its economic commitments by working to revive a resistance national economy to help our people exit the Oslo period and the circle of humiliation, impoverishment and marginalization.

We must also work to stop corruption which runs rampant in Palestinian Authority institutions, as well as the need to fight relentlessly to confront political corruption and all attempts to promote a culture of normalization, surrender, monopolization and control.

Let the next battle be one for the restoration of national unity, which must be obtained as an urgent national necessity without delay, as well as the battle to counter the deviation of our national compass and uproot the path of Oslo, first and foremost, security coordination with the occupation.

To our steadfast people despite all circumstances…

The enormous sacrifices you make on the altar of return and liberation and your victories in the field over the occupation confirms that no one is better placed to carry the keys of this occupation than you. Your confidence is always high and you will be able to break this fragile entity with new victories.

Long live the struggle of our brave people, and salutes to the noble martyrs. Greetings to Jerusalem and its people – Victory is inevitable!

Leadership of the PFLP Branch in Israeli Prisons
July 30, 2017

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