Jun 012017

On this day, a special commando group of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Japanese Red Army, carried out a unique heroic operation in the heart of al-Lydd Airport (George Habash International Airport) inside occupied Palestine, in which 26 were killed and dozens injured according to the reports of the enemy. Among those of the Zionist dead was Aharon Katzir, the head of the Israeli Academy of Sciences, who had a prominent role in developing the military capabilities of the enemy occupation army.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and its military wing, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, marks the 45th anniversary of this heroic operation and confirms its commitment to the approach of revolutionary violence as an open strategic choice to confront the Zionist enemy. This is based on a scientific understanding of the nature of the enemy and the existential historic struggle. Armed struggle is one of the most important and key forms of struggle against the Zionist enemy until we achieve the goals of our people of return and liberation.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades confirm once again before the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and the forces of freedom in the world that they adhere to this revolutionary approah more than ever, despite the difficult circumstances and the Zionist, imperialist and reactionary attacks in the region. They pledge that they will continue to work to develop the capabilities of combat units, military and security as an important priority and principle on the agenda, in accordance with the militant strategy of the Front and the political decisions of its national conferences and central bodies.

Long live the memory of the heroic al-Lydd operation. Glory to the martyrs! Victory is inevitable

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades
Military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
May 31, 2017

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