May 272017

Comrade Fayez Badawi will deliver of series of political speeches in a tour in the Spanish state beginning May 29 through June 3, expressing the political positions and perspectives of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on various Palestinian, Arab and international issues.

The Zionist movement in Barcelona and elsewhere in Spain have denounced the broad popular support for the Palestinian liberation movement, labeling it as “extremist and pro-terrorist,” especially following the highly successful recent tour by Comrade Leila Khaled, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes the progressive forces in the Spanish state struggling in support of the Palestinian people, the political prisoners and the cause of Palestinian, Arab and international liberation, and looks forward to further developing our comradely relationships.

The events are as follows:

Palestine: Resistance, Intifada, Victory

May 29, 20h, A ESTRADA
(Sala Abanca, r/Calvo Sotelo 7)

May 30, 20h, REDONDELA
(Multiusos, pso. da Xunqeira)

May 31, 20h, LUGO
(Fac. de Maxisterio, Av. Ramon Ferreiro)

June 1, 20h, PONTEVEDRA
(Casa Azul, r/Sor Lucia 4)

June 2, 20h, OURENSE
(C.S. A Galleira, Pza. S Cosmede, s/n)

June 3, 18h, SADA
(Capela S. Roque, Pza. S. Roque)

Organized by Mar de Lumes, the Galician ommittee for International Solidarity

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