Jan 282017

The occupation prison administration isolated Comrade Walid Daqqa on January 25, 2017, transferring him from Ketziot prison to solitary confinement in Ramon prison, under the pretext of unauthorized communication with his lawyer. This is a flimsy excuse being used to target the comrade because he represents an influential leadership role in the prisoners’ movement as one of its key figures, particularly at this time of the targeting of the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine ’48 through home demolition, killings in cold blood and the adoption of racist laws in the occupation Knesset, as part of the systematic displacement and targeting of the Palestinian people.

The isolated comrade is from the village of Baqa, detained since 1986 and serving a life sentence alongside his comrades Ibrahim and Rushdi Abu Mokh. He has suffered years of severe health problems. We urge all forces to pressure to ensure his treatment and care for his health. The targeting of Comrade Daqqa is a part of the targeting of the symbols of all of the national liberation forces in occupied Palestine, and the targeting of those who raise the banner of memory and national identity, such as Comrade Daqqa.

We hold the occupation and its prison administration fully responsible for the life and safety of Comrade Walid Daqqa and see this isolation as an attempt to sentence him to slow death. We in the PFLP Prison Branch and the national and Islamic forces and the prisoners’ movement have sent a clear message to the prison administration that they will be held accountable for the consequences of isolating Walid, and the seriousness of this decision.

In this context we urge all national and Islamic forces and the struggling Palestinian masses to launch a broader struggle in support of the comrade Walid Daqqa and all isolated prisoners.

It should be noted that Comrade Daqqa has a distinctive experience within the prisons as a leading cadre of the prisoners’ movement and has become a prominent writer whose stories and writings about the life of prisoners have been published and widely shared outside the prisons, including inspiring a play performed in multiple theaters.

The comrade has also played an important role in terms of academic education for prisoners and himself completed his masters degree in ptison. Because of his continued commitment, prominence and charisma, he has remained continually targeted by the prison administration

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