Oct 252016

shallahghoulIn response to the initiative presented by the General Secretary of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ramadan Shallah, at the anniversary event of the movement, Comrade Kayed al-Ghoul, of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, said that the initiative intersects to a large degree with the positions of the Front and several initiatives brought forward.

Al-Ghoul expressed his support for the initiative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in an effort to rebuild Palestinian unity on the basis of a national liberation strategy suitable to the phase in which we live, emphasizing that the Palestinian people are engaged in a comprehensive conflict with the Zionist enemy at all levels and that there is a necessity for the full rehabilitation of all Palestinian national rights through cutting the path of Oslo and all related agreements, while supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian masses.

He urged the movement to continue its efforts to follow up with all forces for a comprehensive national dialogue for this initiative.

Ramadan Shallah announced the 10-point initiative for an escape from the Palestinian predicament, which includes the following:

1. Announcement by PA president Mahmoud Abbas of the cancellation of the Oslo accords and all of their related agreements.

2. Withdrawal of the recognition of the state of Israel by the PLO.

3. Rebuilding the PLO as an inclusive national framework.

4. Declaration that the current stage is one of national liberation, prioritizing resistance to occupation, requiring the development of the resistance to a comprehensive uprising and revolution to defeat the occupation.

5. Ending the division and achieving unity through the drafting of a new program and unified strategy as a replacement for the Oslo path, the two “Authorities” and their programs.

6. Formulating a national program to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their presence on their land.

7. Rejecting the fragmentation of Palestine in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and throughout the land, emphasizing that the Palestinian people are one people, in the 48 and 67 areas and in exile and diaspora.

8. Contacting all Arab and Islamic parties to support these steps and stop the move toward the Zionist enemy, to withdraw the Arab initiative and work with Egypt to end the siege on Gaza.

9. Moving for the PLO leadership to pursue the occupation state and its leadership before the International Criminal Court and in all arenas as war criminals, and to promote the international boycott of the occupier.

10. Launching a comprehensive national dialogue.

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