Jul 072016

ahed-abughoulmehThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine branch in Israeli jails stated that the Zionist prison administration transferred PFLP leader Comrade Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh from Hadarim to Ramon prison on July 6.

The Front’s prison branch confirmed that the transfer comes as part of the campaign of suppression and attacks by the prison administration against PFLP leaders in various prisons following the announcement of the leader Bilal Kayed’s hunger strike, after administrative detention was imposed on him following the expiration of his 14 1/2 year sentence.

The Front’s prison branch emphasized that it will escalate to the second phase of protest steps for collective struggle for Kayed’s freedom after his administrative detention was confirmed by an occupation military court on July 5, up to a collective open hunger strike. All attempts to deter this struggle by confining, isolating or transferring leaders of the Front will not succeed in deterring the prisoners’ battle for freedom and liberation for Bilal Kayed.

This comes several days after the transfer of fellow PFLP leader Comrade Wael Jaghoub from Ramon prison to Hadarim, in a purposeful step to disperse the leaders of the Front in an attempt to influence the course of struggle for victory for Bilal Kayed, and that the transfer of Abu Ghoulmeh comes for the same reasons.

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