Jun 132016

prisonThe Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine concluded its conference, which was held under the slogan of “towards the consolidation and strengthening of our intellectual, political, organizational, and militant identity.” The conference has continued in a series of meetings from the beginning of March 2016 until the end of May 2016.

The conference discussed resolutions and draft documents and approved them after edits, and elected the branch central committee of 15 members, the oversight committee of three members, and the leadership of the branch, of seven members. The new leadership has been actively working since the beginning of June 2016.

The Prison Branch dedicated the conference to the spirit of the martyr leader Comrade Omar Nayef Zayed and the martyrs of the prisoners’ movement.

It is expected that the new leadership of the branch will continue the tasks learned in past experience, and implement future initiatives adopted by the conference in all areas, first and foremost, solidifying the party structure of the comrade prisoners inside Israeli jails, and the promotion of intellectual, political, social, and militant identity among them. They are also working to activate the role of the Palestinian prisoners’ national movement in unifying the Palestinian national liberation movement and confronting the Israeli prison administration’s attacks against the prisoners.

The Prison Branch confirmed that the convening of the conference and the election of a new leadership in light of the extremely difficult circumstances and circituous procedures due to the repression against the prisoners, is an important achievement at a party and a national level. It converts the prison yards of the occupier into an important tool of struggle and a square of continuing confrontation with the occupation. The Palestinian prisoners’ movement is an important and integral part of the Palestinian national movement.

The conference reviewed current political challenges and the need to escalate the intifada and support it at political, organizational, economic and media levels and protect it from all attempts to cut it short. This also includes the formulation of a national strategy and a minimum program based on the prisoners’ document as a means of arranging the Palestinian national framework, especially the Palestine Liberation Organization, and new unifying and democratic Palestinian National Council elections. The conference also demanded a full and complete end to all forms of reliance on negotiations and settlement, an immediate end to security coordination, and confrontation of the dangerous international and Arab initiatives which threaten Palestinian rights, especially the right of return.

The conference also reaffirmed that the political and organizational strategy are a central compass in our struggle or national and social liberation and the establishment of full sovereignty over the entire Palestinian national soil, and the return of Palestinian refugees to the homes from which they were expelled.

The Prison Branch went on to salute the Palestinian masses in Palestine, in the refugee camps, and in diaspora, and to salute the Arab nation and the progressive forces and popular movements of the world, emphasizing that the just struggle against Zionism intersects with the struggle of oppressed peoples against imperialism and reactionary client regimes.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Branch in Israeli Occupation Prisons

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