Mar 112016

guevaragaza_pppaThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the masses of the Palestinian people commemorate Martyrs’ Day on March 9 – the anniversary of the death of Comrade Mohammed al-Aswad “Guevara Gaza”, member of the Political Bureau of the Front and its military commander in Gaza, and Comrades Kamel al-Amsi and Abdelhadi al-Hayek, in an epic battle with the occupation 43 years ago. This day was and remains an inspiration to our people and the national resistance movement and the rising revolution, nd represents an important moment in the history of the heroic struggle for our liberation.

On this day, we salute the spirit of the martyrs of the Popular Front and Palestine, and pledge to continue on their path of resistance and sacrifice, notably the founding leaders Al-Hakim, Abu Ali Mustafa, Abu Maher al-Yamani, Ghassan Kanafani, and Wadie Haddad, and the first martyrs of the Popular Front, Khaled Abu Aisha and Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, and the ongoing martyrs of our revolution, the leaders Abu Ammar, Ahmad Yassin, Fathi Shikaki, Omar Nayef Zayed, Raed Nazzal, Walid Al-Ghoul, Ahmad Maslamani, Maha Nassar, Taghreed al-Botmeh, Abu Rafat Enairat, Omar Kassem, Talat Yaqub, Samir Ghosheh, Mleitat, Hanani, Baha Alayan, Ghassan, Uday and Alaa Abu Jamal, Moataz Zawahreh, Moataz Washaheh Khaled Jawabreh, Sami Madi, Diaa Talahmeh, and Muhannad Halabi, and all of the martyrs of the prisoners’ movement and the battles of steadfastness, Ibrahim al-Rai, Abu Fahem, al-Khawaja, Abu Khadija, Maragha, Akkawi, Abu Hamdiyeh, Jaradat, and the lengthy list of the martyrs of our people.

The experience of the leader Guevara Gaza and his comrades in the Gaza Strip is a rich experience with many lessons, that seriously impacted the Zionist enemy, which was surprised by the courage, strength and strategy of the Popular Front fighters, to the extent that the Zionist war minister at the time, Moshe Dayan, acknowledged that Guevara Gaza and his comrades ruled Gaza during the night and the occupation during the day. This experience proved once again that our people continue to struggle mightily through suffering and sacrifice, giving the blood of leaders and fighters on the road to the victory of the resistance.

On this Martyrs’ Day, the Palestinian people’s intifada is progressing at a steady pace, dispelling all illusions of the occupation and its cronies in the defeat of the uprising. The uprising continues every day, every hour, and the escalation is surpassing all barriers to demand freedom, return and self-determination, in Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, in Yafa and in Bir Saba to show us the bright hope of our future, when we celebrate victory over fascist, racist, settler colonialism.

On this day, we pledge loyalty to the martyrs, and the freedom for the prisoners. The victory of the masses of our people requires the development and escalation of the intifada; the restoration of national unity is the most effective weapon to defeat the enemy and all of its illusions and conspiracies against the Palestinian people.

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