Dec 122015

samisharafThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine joins with the masses of the Palestinian peple in mourning our heroic martyr, Comrade Sami Shawki Ahmed Madi, 41, a member of the leadership of the Front in Deir al-Balah, Gaza, and a leader of the PFLP media committee and the Front’s representative on the Refugees’ Committee.

He was killed by occupation forces on Friday, 11 December as he participated in demonstrations on the borders of Gaza confronting the occupation forces.

The Front notes that the PFLP and the Palestinian people have lost a truly brave and noble comrade, full of love and dedication to Palestine and its liberation. A member of the Front since 1991, he was a true struggler, through several intifadas, and spent his life in service to the people, especially focused on the struggle for Palestinian refugees’ right to return.

The Front pledges to Comrade Sami Shawki Ahmad Madi and to all of the martyrs to continue on the path of resistance and intifada until we achieve the goals of our people to return, freedom and liberation of the entire land of Palestine.

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