Aug 012015

laith-khalidiThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on behalf of its General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, Deputy General Secretary Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, and all of the cadres of the Front, deeply mourns the martyr, Comrade Laith al-Khalidi, son of Comrade Fadel al-Khalidi, murdered at dawn on Saturday, August 1, killed by Zionist forces as he protested near the Atara checkpoint against the settler attack and killing of 18-month-old child Ali Dawabsheh in Duma near Nablus.

The Front emphasizes that the blood of our martyrs shall not be shed in vain. Glory to the martyrs, freedom for the prisoners of freedom, and healing for the wounded. Victory is inevitable – no voice is louder than the voice of resistance.

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