Apr 052015

fuadspeech1The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine participated in the World Social Forum in Tunis from March 24-28, including with a presentation by Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, Deputy General Secretary of the PFLP, alongside prominent political leaders from Europe, Africa and the Arab world, as well as researchers and social activists, including M’Barka Brahmi of Tunisia’s Popular Front, the widow of the martyr Mohammed Brahmi, who spoke extensively on Arab and African politics and revolution; Dr. Hala Shukrallah of Egypt’s Dustoor party; Vasilis Chatzilamprou of Greece’s SYRIZA; and Kamal Lahbib of the Maghreb Social Forum.

Along with a delegation from the PFLP, Comrade Fuad visited the grave sites of the martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohammed Brahmi, laying floral wreaths at the site. Comrade Khaled Yamani of the PFLP said that the honoring of the martyrs is a national duty and part of the respect of the Front for all of the children of Tunisia who have struggled and fallen in the Palestinian revolution over the past decades, and the hundreds of Tunisian martyrs who struggled for Palestine, confirming that the Palestinian cause is an Arab cause.

fuadflowersComrade Fuad also participated in a series of meetings and interviews with a number of national figures in Tunisia, on the sidelines of the World Social Forum.

Fuad met with Hamma Hammami, Secretary General of the Popular Front in Tunisia, discussing issues of common interest between the two parties and the latest developments in the Palestinian arena, and with Afif Tejelddine, the Venezuelan ambassador in Tunis.

He also met with Abderrahman Hethili, the coordinator of the preparatory committee of the WSF, and visited the Tunisian Forum for the Defense of Economic and Social Rights; he met with Houcine Abassi of the Tunisian General Labor Union and with Najib Chebbi of the Republican Party.

At the conclusion of his visit, he met with Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi, head of the Tunisian Al-Nahda Movement, discussing issues facing the Arab nation.

flowers2Comrade Fuad also participated in an evening program in central Tunis associated with the Forum, looking at the current situation in the region, where he noted that the Arab people “have not yet been able to exercise their freedom or their right to build truly democratic societies, first because of colonialism and then because of imperialist policies – especially those of the United States in recent decades that have targeted their countries and their wealth.” He saluted the Tunisian people’s struggle and achievements in working to build democracy amid this environment.

“When we note that the primary responsibility for suppressing the development of the region lies with the United States and the Zionist entity, as the beneficiaries of this situation, thos does not mean that we deny the existence of other internal, political, and socio-economic factors that are an Arab responsibility also,” he noted.

fuadspeech2In response to the moderator’s raising of the question of “terrorism,” Fuad warned against confusing or equating terror and resistance to occupation and oppression. “Resistance is how the countries who resisted colonialism, in the largest part, gained their freedom and independencce,” said Fuad. He pointed out that the criminal attacks in Tunisia or elsewhere that target innocent civilians for no cause but claim to act in the name of Islam, do not represent the Islamic religion or Muslims, and their sources of funding and support are known to all.

Fuad noted that “the Zionist entity is the most prominent terrorist phenomenon in the world today,” recalling the 2014 assault on Gaza and Israeli crimes and massacres against besieged people before the eyes of the world, noting that the “international community” should be asking how to confront this phenomenon.

He urged progressive, democratic and leftist forces around the world and civil society organizations participating in the Forum to demand that Zionist war criminals be put on trial and held accountable in international courts.

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