Feb 252015

el1The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine joined a large number of representatives of leftist parties in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, for a conference in Istanbul of the left parties of the Mediterranean on February 20 and 21.

The PFLP, the Palestinian People’s Party and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine participated as representatives of the Palestinian left in the conference. The PFLP’s representative spoke on behalf of the Palestinian delegation, reviewing the nature of the conflict in the region and pointing out that for the people of the region, the main conflict is with the Zionist state and that the PFLP views all of the existing conflicts as manifestations of the primary conflict with imperialism, with its center in Palestine, noting that confronting imperialism and achieving victory in this battle is key to peace, freedom and justice in the region and the world.

He also noted that the bloody sectarian attacks that are happening now are designed to redirect the compass of the people of the region from the real struggle with Zionism and imperialism, which has the result of supporting the Zionist attack on Palestine as it continues to destroy Palestinian trees and land, engage in ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and besiege Gaza. The comrade added that the Palestinian left today is confronting and resisting Zionism in Palestine at a time when it must also confront the Palestinian right wing and Arab reactionary regimes, and that it is particularly important to raise the level of international leftist cooperation to meet the urgent issues of the day. Thus, he urged the creation of a supportive alliance between left forces of the Arab world and of Europe for joint work.

In particular, he urged international solidarity for all aspects of the Palestinian left, especially building the campaign to free imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat. The solution lies in building unity to confront imperialism everywhere, noting the Palestinian left’s solidarity with Kurdish organizers and political prisoners in Turkish jails. Da’ash (ISIS) and the US are two sides of the same coin, he said, and it is important now to focus on Palestine and not to allow it to be marginalized amid the current events in the region.

He ended by emphasizing that any victory for the left in the world is a victory for the Palestinian cause and the liberation of the land and people, urging that European leftists act to push in Europe on the issue of Palestine to change the official EU position, including lifting the PFLP’s name from the so-called terrorist list and working to free Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, because of the importance of the issues of Palestinian political prisoners and the Palestinian people’s right to resist, and to support and partner with the Palestinian leftist parties.

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