Aug 032014

On behalf of the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa’adat; his deputy, Comrade Abu Ahmad Fouad; and all of the leaders, cadres and members of the Front, and the Palestinian masses, the Popular Front mourns its comrade, the martyred leader Hashem Khader Abu Maria, 47, who was murdered by occupation forces Friday afternoon in Beit Ummar, occupied Palestine.

Our comrade Hashem Abu Maria and his fellow heroes, the sons of the Palestinian people, Sultan Shuqdam and Abdelhamid Al-Brigheith, are martyrs of the resistance of our people, killed when the Zionist enemy soldiers opened fire massively on hundreds of demonstrators. They are part of the resistance of our people in Gaza, in Beit Ommar, in Ramallah, Nablus and everywhere in occupied Palestine.

The Front praised the comrade as a leader, noting that he was in the ranks of the national liberation struggle and the PFLP from an early age, arrested several times, and was a model for a steadfast struggler and advocate for the rights of our people through his work in Defence for Children International. He was committed to stand alongside the battle to defend Gaza from the occupation assault, and he wrote in his last post before his murder on his Facebook page,: “It is clear the defeat of the ideas of tolerance, normalization…snuggling, kissing and beauty with the enemy state and its institutions, and instead the rise of the concepts of solidarity, cooperation and mutual support among the Palestinian people, promoting a culture of unity and resistance, a sense of belonging and identity…the youth are rising and the Intifada regrouping..”

With those words, this true revolutionary comrade went to join the demonstration and joined the martyrs of Palestine, his blood shed at the hands of the occupier’s forces.

The Front pledges to the leader and his fellow martyrs, to all of the martyrs who have fallen on the path of the struggle for the liberation of Palestine, that the struggle of the resistance everywhere in Palestine until all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, is liberated.



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