Feb 052014

aau2The Progressive Student Action Front at An-Najah National University in Nablus held an event to commemorate the life of PFLP founder, Dr. George Habash (al-Hakim), on February 2.

Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, a former lecturer at the university, spoke on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, discussing Habash’s life as well as a current political analysis of the Palestinian cause. The event included a wide-ranging and participatory discussion about the legacy of Habash’s revolutionary vision for Palestine today.

The PSAF also screened a documentary film on the life of al-Hakim and his involvement in the struggle. Students from a number of student political blocs at the university participated in the event as well as guests from outside the university.


khanyounisUnder the slogan, “The Right to Return is the Right to Live,” the PFLP in Khan Younis organized a march on February 1 commemorating the sixth anniversary of the passing of al-Hakim. Marchers carried Palestinian flags, posters of al-Hakim, Abu Ali Mustafa and Ahmad Sa’adat, and banners calling for the right of return and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and Palestinians everywhere in diaspora.

Comrade Hani Thawabteh, member of the PFLP Central Committee, spoke at the rally, saluting the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine. He addressed Habash’s lifelong commitment to Palestine and the right of return for all Palestinians, and looked at Habash’s example in the Front in rejecting bureaucracy and the cult of the individual, noting his willingness to voluntarily retire as General Secretary.

Thawabteh noted that it is necessary now to move forward on the path of the historic leaders who lit the road to freedom amid the darkness of oppression and occupation, and to confront every attempt to liquidate, undermine or destroy Palestinian rights, and all “solutions” that are not solutions for the Palestinian people.

The marchers saluted all Palestinians in the refugee camps at the forefront of struggle, particularly our people facing starvation in Yarmouk refugee camp, and pledged to continue on the path of al-Hakim until every refugee in exile and diaspora may return to their homes in historic Palestine and Palestine is liberated.


northgazaThe PFLP in northern Gaza held an event on February 1 commemorating the 6th anniversary of the passing Al-Hakim, carrying Palestinian flags, PFLP banners, and pictures of Al-Hakim and imprisoned PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, as well as sign rejecting the Kerry plan. Comrade Abu Rami Sultan, member of the Front’s Central Committee, said that this event comes not only to commemorate the leader Dr. George Habash but to reject the settlement schemes marketed by the U.S. administration. “Loyalty to the memory of Al-Hakim and all of the martyrs of our people means upholding the right of return and rejecting all so-called solutions which may detract from the inalienable rights of our people.” He noted that this is the result of the liquidationism of the Oslo process, the so-called “peace process” and relying on the US for solutions, which leads only to liquidation of the Palestinian identity and raising false Zionist narratives at the expense of our people’s right to freedom, return and self-determination.


cleaners1The PFLP in Western Gaza held an event honouring the cleaning and maintenance workers in Gaza, marking the 6th anniversary of the passing of Al-Hakim, attended by cadres, members and supporters of the Front as well as workers in Gaza. Comrade Samir Baker spoke on behalf of the Front, saying that Palestinian workers are the foundation of the Palestinian movement, which al-Hakim recognized and held as primary in the struggle to liberate the land and people of Palestine.

Comrade Baker discussed Habash’s connection to Palestine, the tie between him and his city of Lydd, where he was born and raised, and his commitment to Palestinian resistance and rights, in particular the right of return. Al-Hakim gave his life to Palestine and believed in the inevitability of victory despite the shadows of defeat, holding firm to the vision of liberation, unity and return achieved through the determination of revolutionaries dedicated to those principles, he said.

cleaners3Al-Hakim always believed in a comprehensive and clear struggle with the Zionist entity until the achievement of all of the historic rights of the Palestinian people; he believed that the question of Palestine in all of its dimensions – local, regional, and international – will remain the core of the Arab-Zionist conflict until the occupation is fully evacuated from Palestinian land and stolen rights are returned, Baker said. He urged all to call in one resounding voice to defeat the US/Zionist schemes seeking to visit new catastrophes upon the Palestinian people, and to raise a collective voice “to confront the Palestinian officialdom and say, enough disregard for national rights and violations of the national consensus. Go back to your people and comply with their will to immediately end these futile and dangerous negotiations, which only benefit the occupation in the eyes of the world while undermining our national rights.”

cleaners2He also called on the Palestinian Authority to end the policy of security coordination with the Zionist occupation, noting that it is shameful to support the Zionist crimes against our people with Palestinian Authority arrests of Palestinian resisters. Finally, Finally, he saluted the workers, and their important role at the national and social levels, saying that their rights must be recognized and a decent life for workers and their children supported under the current difficult circumstances experienced by the Palestinian people. A group of leaders of the Front, including Abu Nidal Toman, Abu Iyad al-Sisi, Elias al-Jelda, Samer Abu Seir, Omar Masood and Samir Baker, distributed appreciation certificates to the municipal workers.




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