Dec 132012

[singlepic id=571 w=300 h=500 float=right]Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine, the classic PFLP organizational and political strategic vision developed at the Front’s Second Congress in February 1969 is now available electronically.

Marking the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Front, we are pleased to make this classic, historic yet strikingly relevant document available on our website. The Strategy presents a full strategic vision for liberating Palestine, including a review of the enemy forces and the forces of the revolution; a class analysis of the Palestinian and Arab movements; a vision for a liberated Palestine; and close study of organizational questions for building a revolutionary party. It presents a clear vision of the Front and the Palestinian national liberation movement of its time and remains an important and useful analysis for the present.

The Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine, was published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in February 1969. It was translated at that time by the PFLP Information Department and widely circulated in English and other languages.

Table of Contents


I. Importance of Political Thought

II. Who Are Our Enemies?

IIb. Who Are Our Enemies? (Part II)

III. Forces of the Revolution

IV. Palestinian Petit Bourgeoisie

V. The Palestinian Bourgeoisie

VI. Organization and Mobilisation of Palestinian Revolutionary Forces

VII. Forces of the Revolution on the Arab Level

VIII. Forces of the Revolution on the World Level

IX. Facing Imperialist Technological Superiority

X. The Aims and Significance of the Palestinian War of Liberation

XI. General Remarks


XII. Organizational Strategy

XIII. No Revolutionary Party Without Revolutionary Theory

XIV. Class Structure of the Revolutionary Party

XV. The Party and the Masses

XVI. Building the Combatant Party

XVII. Democratic Centralism – Basis of Relations Within the Revolutionary Party

XVIII. Criticism and Self Criticism

XIX. The Arab Nationalist Movement (ANM) and the PFLP

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