Aug 052012

On August 2, 2012, the 86th anniversary of the birth of Dr. George Habash (Al-Hakim), the “wise man of the revolution,” founder of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the PFLP Political Bureau issued a statement, that this day should mark an occasion for a permanent departure from the path of Oslo, to confirm our adherence to resistance, steadfastness, and unity to achieve our people’s inalienable rights to return and self-determination, and to confront the occupation.

The Front said that on this occasion, its leadership, base, and all of its fighters renew their commitment to his path of thought, his example, and the values and qualities that he represents. George Habash was a Palestinian, Arab and international revolutionary, one of the great leaders of our people and a founder of the path of national struggle to defeat the occupation, liberate our land, attain our rights, and establish a democratic Palestine on the entire national soil of Palestine.

At this moment, when US President Barack Obama signs a new agreement of military cooperation with the occupation state in an attempt to impose its qualitative superiority and restore its shaky military power confronted by the heroes of the resistance of Lebanon and Palestine, and when US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes racist attacks on Palestinians while attempting to designate Jerusalem the capital of the occupation state by trampling on the rights of our people and our holy places, the Front called on this occasion for our people to reject, condemn and boycott the representatives of the US administration and the presidential candidates. Instead, the Front called upon Palestinian leaders to represent our people’s values – resistance, national unity, and struggle, building the unity of our cause, our land, and our people.

Without such unity, mere chatter about achieving minimum rights of our people is a deceptive game that privileges individual and factional interests at the expense of the people and the nation, said the Front. It is urgent that all leave behind the path dependence and reliance on so-called “bilateral negotiations” with the US as their reference, and end the Oslo agreement and its economic and security annexes, in order to advance our national liberation struggle and ongoing revolution, sparked by and led by the vanguard of our revolution, among the Palestinian people, the Arab nation, and all progressive and popular forces in the world.




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