Jul 082012

Ghassan Kanafani, through both his literary output and his political struggle, epitomized the revolutionary power of his ideals in both literature and the Palestinian resistance. This earned him, both during his lifetime and after his martyrdom at the hands of the Israeli secret services, the Mossad, his reputation on both an official and popular level as the most important and pioneering Arab and Palestinian novelist and writer of his time, who embodied the literature of resistance and a literature that depicted the Palestinian people and Palestinian cause through the era of Nakba and revolution. Kanafani is a national treasure in the literature of resistance, and belongs to our entire struggling people. His work is an inexhaustible source that inspires resistance literature, and one that is desperately needed in this dark phase to illuminate our paths of freedom, justice and return. From this understanding of the role of Kanafani, the Al-Hadaf Center in Bil’in and the Tanweer (Enlightenment) Forum in Nablus have organized a network of Palestinian cultural institutuions to launch the Kanafani Literature of Resistance Festival, to be held as an annual festival each year in one of Palestine’s governorates.

The call for the festival aims to include all of the cultural institutions that support the national Palestinian culture, with a view toward mobilizing all of the capacity in the area to honor the pioneers of the literature of resistance and deepen community awareness, particularly among youth, of the creativity of these pioneers in order to inspire the continued building of a culture of resistance and national identity that is impervious to attack. Among others, the festival planning includes the Al-Hadaf Center in Bil’in, the Tanweer Forum in Nablus, the Edward Said Musical Conservatory in Nablus, the Yafa Cultural Center in Balata, the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees in Nablus, the Defence for Children International – Palestine in Nablus, Hittin Club in Nablus, the Arab Cultural Association in Nazareth, the General Union of Disabled Palestinians in Nablus, Center for Gender Studies in Nablus, Dar Qandil in Tulkarem, the Union of Health Work Committees in Nablus, and Al-Hadaf Magazine (the journal edited by Kanafani) in Ramallah.

The Festival will hold its inaugural launch on Saturday, July 14, 2012.

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